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A black Friday for tourism, for the Financial market: World in free-fall after Brexit


Travel and Tourism and the freedom of travel is in great danger. The financial markets are in free-fall.

London Heathrow airport issued this statement: “Heathrow continues to focus on serving passengers and proudly being the UK’s front door.

“Anyone traveling through the airport will find it operating normally with no changes to security and immigration.”

Japan’s Nikkei index slumped by seven percent, a loss of over 1,100 points. That is its worst one-day fall since March 2011, when Fukushima was hit by a devastating earthquake that triggered a tsunami and a nuclear disaster.

The British Pound already lost 13 per cent, and black Friday in the United Kingdom has not even started.

The European Union will wake up today with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland leaving the union.

Sin Fein, Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister calls for a poll on united Ireland after Brexit. Will Ireland be next?

The dream of a united Europe with open borders and one united economy is falling apart today.

British voters said yes to Brexit, what means leaving the EU.

Source: eTN Global Travel Industry News


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