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Is the Thai tourism industry functioning during the coup d’etat


Bangkok based and Swiss managed Diethelm Travel issued this update on the latest security situation in Thailand.

It states: On Thursday 22 May the Chief of the Royal Thai Army announced that the military had taken control of government, would restore order and ensure political reform in Thailand. He has also assured the safety of all foreigners in the country.

A nationwide curfew is now in effect, for the moment, from 22.00 –to 05.00 and martial law is to remain in place until further notice.

Businesses and public services are adjusting their operating hours to comply with the curfew – with the authorities calling on the public to carry on with their daily lives.

TV and radio stations have been taken off-air, except for official announcements and instructions from the new authority. Other communications, including print media, the internet and both regular and mobile phones remain unaffected. Visitors to Thailand should continue to monitor the media for information and any updates.

Airports of Thailand (AOT) state all airports in Thailand remain open and transfers are operating as usual at all airports in Thailand.

In separate releases received from Thai International, Bangkok Air and Air Asia, all flights in and out of Thailand are operating as scheduled.

Clients departing or arriving during the hours of the curfew are allowed to travel and should have their passports and travel documents with them at all times. It is highly advisable to allow extra time for journeys to/from airports and other key points of transportation.

In Bangkok, the BTS (Skytrain), MRT (subway) and airport rail link continue to operate daily from 06.00 until 21.00.

All stakeholders like hotels and attractions throughout the Kingdom of Thailand informed Diethelm travel and all expect to operate normally – including evening excursions, allowing for any adjustments to program timings.

Whilst protests have stopped, the agency advise visitors to avoid any political gatherings, rallies and marches – should they occur.

In the meantime the Government operated Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) issued this statement on Friday:

According to the coup’s leader, Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, the coup would help restore normalcy and national unity, ensure reform of political, economic and social institutions, and ensure legitimacy to all sides.
A nationwide curfew has been imposed from 22.00 – 05.00 hours with effective from yesterday, and martial law to remain in effect until further notice as announced by the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council (NPOMC).
Businesses, public services and transport services throughout Thailand are operating, but have adjusted operating hours to comply with the curfew.
The NPOMC offers leniency to all air passengers with arrival and departure flights scheduled during curfew, allowing them to travel to and from the airports at any time as usual. The following measures are advised for travellers travelling to Bangkok and the immediate vicinity:
Individual travellers are advised to keep their passports and other travel documents on their person at all times, in case they are required for inspection by the security authorities.
Group travellers on tour coaches will be taken care of by their respective tour leaders when passing through any security checkpoint.
Taxi services at the Suvarnabhumi Airport are available 24 hours. These taxis have the Suvarnabhumi Airport stickers displayed on the front windscreen. Security checkpoint officers will allow access for these vehicles.
Survarnabhumi Airport Call Center Tel: 1722 is ready for assistance if tourists need more information.
Tourists can continue to apply for visa as usual as the NPOMC has called for civil servants at all ministries and government agencies to carry on with their normal duties.
TAT will continue to monitor the situation, and will be providing more updates as soon as there are further developments.

Source: eTN Global Travel Industry News

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