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Madrid launches “Precious Time” tourism project


In collaboration with Madrid City Hall, the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has chosen Madrid as the pilot city for new smart urban tourism, a position that was coveted by the 22 most-visited cities in the world. The Madrid Precious Time project has been launched in November. It will entail a hundred business owners working to design tailor-made experiences for tourists, establishing Madrid as a first-class destination for affluent visitors, tourists interested in luxury retail, and hyper-connected tourists who want access to Wi-Fi on the go.

Madrid is at the forefront of an inexorable change. Hyper-connected tourism is the great challenge of the 21st century. It will be met with data collection sensors installed in the street furniture, buildings and roads of so-called smart cities.

A visit to the Thyssen Museum to view paintings of ladies decked out in their jewelry, for example, could finish off with a breakfast featuring jewelry for sale by the firms Suárez, Rabat or Elena C. For his part, designer Roberto Verino will personally demonstrate the creative process that takes place in his workshop.

These poignant experiences will last two or three hours, and will each feature a blend of special offerings and services.

VIP tourists will be the top customers, but this offer isn’t designed solely to increase the sale of luxury items. The true luxury is the authentic nature of these unique experiences, which will combine learning, fun and customization in addition to being emotionally moving.

Source: Madrid Convention Bureau

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