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New airline ticketing innovation for non-IATA agencies


Kenya’s march into the cyber age has in some areas been nothing short of spectacular, and a number of service providers have of late teamed up to hold workshops and seminars to show the travel trade how to make the most of the new tools, apps, and programs available to help them build and grow their businesses.

Only yesterday another innovation launched when Ezy Tkt launched their platform from which non-IATA travel agencies can now sell on tickets with their mark-up already built in.

The new solution has created an instant buzz and keen interest to use the latest technologies to stay ahead of the competition. The system will give subscribers access to competitive airfares to sell onto others under their own brand at their own convenience.

3G Direct Pay, the market leader in Kenya for secure online settlements, will be the payment solution for EzyTkt so the agents can have a full package of applications that includes the best available payment platform. Powered by Travelshoppe, Ezy Tkt was incorporated in Kenya last year and is based in the new business hub of Westlands.

Some of the key advantages this novel approach brings to the market were described by one of the company’s executives as follows:

Anybody can join

Anyone with a passion of travel now has access to the tools to start or grow their travel business. Using the latest technology, Ezy Tkt allows agents to book and mark up flights to sell onto clients and still be more competitive than any traditional travel agent.

Access to the best air fares in the travel industry

Ezy Tkt is part of Travelshoppe. With over $1million US Dollars in annual in spend Travelshoppe negotiates discounted airfares which are 100% passed onto signed-up agents.

Registration in an instant

All you need to do is fill our form for registration. As soon as agents have registered, a dedicated account manager will make contact to answer any questions they may have.

No GDS or travel experience required

Ezy Tkt is the first platform of-its-kind in Kenya, making it possible to sell travel without Galileo or Amadeus training.

No contracts

Signed up agents enjoy the flexibility to use the platform as often or as little as they like. There are no penalties for not using the system.

No start-up fees

There are no set-up costs and travel agents can create their branded travel agency without incurring any set-up fees.

This latest development will no doubt pitch IATA-approved agencies against those which chose, for whatever reasons, not to go down that road, as competitive fares, a key element in a client’s decision whom to book with and whom to entrust their money to, are now available by using the keyboard of a computer, from any location in fact, to do business.

Competition has always been good for the consumer in terms of lower prices and better services, and Ezy Tkt’s market launch will no doubt stir up things even more.

Source: Prof. Wolfgang H. Thome, Ph.D., eTN Africa Correspondent

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