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    Amakhala Game Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Global Sustainable Tourism Council

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) serves as the international body for fostering increased knowledge and understanding of sustainable tourism practices, promoting the adoption of universal sustainable tourism principles and building demand for sustainable travel. This is accomplished through the work executed by its diverse programs: international standard setting, destinations, education and training, market access, and accreditation.

Member Benefits

GSTC Members can expect the following benefits:

Empowerment through participation:Members will have the ability to be involved in key decision making processes that will shape the work of the GSTC program and the sustainable tourism sector.

Quality Networking Opportunities:Become acquainted with and createpartnerships with a leading network of sustainable tourism professionals and stakeholders from around the globe and in your backyard. You can build those relationships by:

  • Attending customized council meetings that bring common stakeholders together to meet, exchange ideas and build the future of sustainability;
  • Accessing a member online platform for exchange of information and business opportunities;
  • Establish relationships with distributing companies, travel agencies, tourism boards, associations and others to actively promote GSTC-accredited products; and
  • Have access to UN partners.

Exposure: With a widespread range of communications vehicles the GSTC provides our members exposure through numerous outlets, showcasing their work on the GSTC blog, in articles and newsletters and reaching over 2,500 Facebook and Twitter followers.

Tools and Educational Resources: Members will have exclusive access to tools that will enable them to build their sustainability programs as well as share their experiences:

  • Procedures and tools for implementing or applying GSTC criteria;
  • An extensive digital library of information on sustainable tourism;
  • General educational material based on the GSTC criteria to support tourism businesses seeking to become more sustainable, seeking to apply the GSTC criteria or looking for certification;
  • Educational material on accreditation to support certification programs in the process of achieving accreditation from GSTC;
  • Material for traveler education for customer interfacing staff to inform about sustainable options and practices; and
  • Educational training activities made available through GSTC partner trainers to build the capacity of member organizations to improve their sustainability efforts.

Marketing Opportunities:

  • Have their tourism product recognized through a GSTC solution that provides these products access to various distribution channels;
  • Have access to assessment and measurement opportunities for small businesses that may not have the resources to seek certification;
  • GSTC will work as a broker to increase the visibility of member organizations and their compliance with GSTC criteria and their contributions and services through raising market and media awareness; and
  • Gain visibility by promoting their organizational logo on the GSTC website.

For more information visit  GSTC.

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