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Marketing resources

Marketing sustainable tourism products

Many businesses nowadays are working towards incorporating sustainability into the core of their products. Quite often these products are the result of a well thought sustainability concept, and yet the entrepreneurs behind it fail to reach the marketplace, because they lack marketing expertise and knowledge of the tourism industry’s distribution channels. These tourism companies, and particularly small firms from developing countries, suffer from poor targeting, market segmentation and positioning, low consumer product knowledge, and consumer risk perception.

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Practical steps for Marketing Tourism Certification

Certification is a market-based tool. It links players in the value chain by guaranteeing, or certifying, to users (tourists and tourism intermediaries) that the suppliers (tourism providers) adhere to a specific set of standards and indicators of sustainable practices. In this day of globalization and increasing tourism to remote destinations, the certification label provides the trust and confidence bridging the various market players.

Why do tourism businesses enter into certification?

  • Improve quality and performance of their business and staff
  • “Do the right things” to protect the environment and local communities
  • Cut costs
  • Gain marketing advantage
  • Avoid being lumped with “greenwashed” businesses that are not sustainable, yet try to claim to be.

Website Promotion: How to promote your website in the EU

Quality website: a must
A quality website for a DC company is a must these days. A study done by the German researcher GfK shows that your most important target groups use the Internet heavily. The study has shown that 76 percent of purchasing decision makers in Germany rely primarily on Internet as a research tool in their purchasing process, 29 percent do research exclusively online.

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A guide for establishing and improving commercial images

In an effort to get in touch with or to maintain contacts with (potential) business partners you can choose from an array of communication tools: from mailing letters to telemarketing, from simple leaflets to elaborate websites, from fast electronic mail to participation in fairs and exhibitions. As a result of using any of these ‘tools of communication’ you will leave the contact person with a personal, printed, audio- visual or virtual message. That message will create a certain impression of you, your company, your sector and in many cases even your country. As the objective of your business communication will most likely be to create, maintain or enhance a favourable image with the person(s) targeted, it is of the utmost importance to pay careful attention to the way your messages reflect the identity of your company.

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Sustainable Travel International: Trip Planner

Trip Planner meets the needs of travellers by providing an interactive travel guide and itinerary planning tool that highlights routes, lodging, attractions, and activities; incorporates local culture, nature and history; and is designed to get the word out to the rest of the world. Trip Planner is designed specifically for Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Destination Management Organizations, Tourism Board and Ministries of Tourism.

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Switzerland Market Segmentation

Consumer Segmentation, Fair Trade Tourism_Switzerland

Sweden Market Segmentation

Consumer Segmentation, Fair Trade Tourism_Sweden

Netherlands Market Segmentation

Consumer Segmentation, Fair Trade Tourism_Netherlands

German Market Segmentation

Consumer Segmentation, Fair Trade Tourism_Germany

United Kingdom Market Segmentation



Keep It Real Toolkit SA

Want to improve how you market your sustainability credentials to customers? The Keep It Real Toolkit helps you learn how to communicate in a meaningful way about the wonderful things you do for people and planet. Download the tool on:


 From Volunterring to voluntourism

Volunteers can contribute to making their stay have positive imoacts: on one hand, by chosing a relialistically assessing their own skills, strengths and expectations. Nevertheless, it is important to find the right balance based on   previous experience, motivation, and available time in order to identify a suitable project. In responsible voluntourism, the people in developing countries and their interests are more important. Using this as a guideline provides the chance for unique experiences through volunteering which will have impacts that last beyond the end of the trip.

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