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Tanzania: Second tourism show supported by the entire travel industry


“What on earth for do we need another tourism show just days after East Africa’s biggest regional show has taken place?” asked a well-placed source from Arusha, where from May 29-31 the annual Karibu Travel Market Tanzania 2015 is taking place.

The source then took another dig when addingm “Like that show last year in Dar, we have seen who is supporting the KiliFair in Moshi. If they think we will be swayed by them adding yet another thing like that, they are mistaken. KTMT 2015 is supported by the entire industry, all the tour and safari operators, the lodges, the resorts. We have attendance confirmed from the whole region. Exhibitors are coming from the continent of Africa and from way out in the Indian Ocean. We know what our detractors are up to and we are not scared. KTMT is an established tourism trade fair which has grown over a very long time. Let others not think they can make a success because of one or the other sponsor they got. One of those sponsors is opposed to us, because we told them last time they ambushed us instead of consulting us. The other sponsor has just made a tactical error not to talk to those who butter their bread,” remaining deliberately vague over those the source clearly had in mind but would not name directly, nor give permission to use the source’s name.

It is the KiliFair, taking place in nearby Moshi, which is due to be held from June 5 to 7, by funny coincidence just a week after the Karibu Travel Market Tanzania has closed its doors.

Another source then hastened to add that while the KiliFair was having tourism and industry fair in its title, it had made an error to encroach on the established KTMT tourism exhibition and was not likely to receive much support from tourism companies as renewed debate will no doubt begin to rage about one of the key sponsors becoming a key spoiler as far as the Karibu Travel Market Tanzania was concerned.

Yet others took further exception that the new show was purporting to offer tourism networking and workshops when in fact the who is who from Eastern Africa would just have done the very same at the Karibu Travel Market, giving the new venture little chance to offer serious stakeholder names for such programme points.

Other stakeholders in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, when asked if they were aware of the new event, and one so soon after KTMT had taken place, were largely dismissive, with one senior source from Nairobi also condemning what he called: ‘…this proliferation of tourism shows must be ended. In Kenya we have two main events, the Sarit Centre domestic exhibition and the international Magical Kenya Show, which caters for two different market places. In Uganda you have one such show, I gather Rwanda may want to come up with one perhaps aligned to Kwita Izina and yet in Tanzania they are now adding yet another one. It makes no sense because we all have limited resources and with TATO’s Karibu event we know what to expect and how far we can reach’.

Well, as the saying here goes time will tell how this new event will do and which event will in the end prevail as a result of stakeholder support.

Source: Prof. Wolfgang H. Thome, Ph.D., eTN Africa Correspondent

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