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Identify Certified Products

We, as the Alliance, realise that although travellers are increasingly interested in sustainable travel, they are limited by the scarce options available.

In this section we provide you with travel tips, links to identify certified products and view the lists of certified products.

Our independent “stamps of approval” are listed below.

Country specific products:


Botswana Tourism Organisation  


Botswana Tourism logo JPEGThe Botswana Ecotourism Certification System, covers more than 240 standards encompassing the following: environmental management, cultural resources protection and community development, socio-economic responsibilities and fundamental ecotourism criteria. To view certified products, click hereBotswana




Tourism enterprises using this label have examined their business practices accor­ding to sustainability criteria. They have applied and evaluated quantitative and qua­litative environmental and social criteria. The companies have written a sustainability report according to the standards of TourCert and have designed a programme for improvement. Companies with this label have committed to continuously improve their sustainability performance. Certified tourism products can be found in the following countries:  Germany,   Switzerland,   Austria   



Eco Tourism Kenya

Eco-tourism_Kenya The certification programs focus is to recognise best practices in environmental conservation, responsible resource use and socio-economic investment among tourism accommodation facilities by awarding qualified applicants assessed under the scheme with a Bronze, Silver or Gold eco-rating certification based on their performance. Certified tourism products can be found in the following countries:  Kenya


 Eco Awards Namibia


flower_180x218Eco Awards Namibia is a mark of distinction for accommodation establishments that are planned and managed according to eco-friendly principles. The programme promotes the selective and careful use of our resources, promoting reducing, recycling and reusing. In the process an establishment can improve its profitability, often with very little additional expenditure. Certified tourism products can be found in the following countries: Namibia




Seychelles Tourism Board


The Seychelles sustainable tourism certification programme is designed to inspire more efficient and sustainable ways of doing business, looking at issues that relate to the natural environment as well as human and economic resources on which future success depends. Certified tourism products can be found in the following countries:  Seychelles



Eco Atlas logo

ECO ATLAS is the ethical directory to accommodation, restaurants, activities, products and services in South Africa. It provides a one-stop green guide for conscious travellers empowering you to choose where to eat, play and stay based on sound environmental and ethical practices. Using the twenty ECO CHOICE icons you will be able to see at a glance who is achieving sustainable goals enabling you to make informed decisions about which businesses to support. Our unique search function will also inspire you to source locally produced and earth-friendly produce and products.

ECO ATLAS is the first of it’s kind in South Africa in that it provides users with both the socially and environmentally ethical achievements of places and services and highlights businesses that are making a difference. Any business can be listed as long as they meet at least three of the ECO CHOICE criteria. There are so many people and places creating positive change and walking the ethical talk and ECO ATLAS provides you with the map to find them.


Fair Trade TourisM (FTT)  


FTT awards the use of special label to qualifying businesses as a way of signifying their commitment to Fair Trade criteria including fair wages and working conditions, fair purchasing, fair operations, equitable distribution of benefits and respect for human rights, culture and environment. Certified tourism products can be found in the following countries: South Africa

Heritage Environmental Management  Company


Heritage logoNEWHeritage’s certification programme provides tourism businesses with an effective environmental management system designed to reduce and limit the environmental impact of the businesses. Heritage offers a hands-on environmental approach for businesses on resource management that delivers financial returns and at the same time enables businesses to position themselves as environmentally responsible. Certified tourism products can be found in the following  countries: South AfricaKenyaMozambique, NamibiaNigeriaTanzaniaZambiaGhanaSeychelles



The Green Girls in Africa is an independent provider of sustainable tourism & environmental services in Africa. We are here to help you find the best way to establish the elusive ‘potjie of performance’ or triple bottom line in your business, and most importantly how to communicate that message effectively to the people, who need to hear it – your customers.

Travel has the ability to change perceptions and transform people, but travel can also pose risks and put pressure on fragile environments, scarce resources, and indigenous cultures. We believe in the kind of tourism experiences that will inspire travellers, but at the same time bring positive changes to the world.

Green Girls offer you a flexible set of practical tools that will help your business to incorporate responsible tourism seamlessly. We each have unique and specialist skills that can be applied not only according to your needs, but also to cover all bases. Besides universal sustainable tourism advice, we provide a range of different business services and solutions, from sustainability audits and assistance with the certification process of eco-labels, to content writing & editing, and social media development & management.


Responsible Tourism Tanzania  


223433_164732383588733_5953230_n[1]This certification programme was established in consultation with the tourism private sector in Tanzania to address the local environmental conditions, while also encompassing social and economic factors – otherwise referred to as the ‘triple bottom line’.

Certified tourism products can be found in the following countries: Tanzania (Note this is a newly established programme.  As such, certified product is currently unavailable).




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